Over the years, we’ve been asked many questions about all of our products and have worked hard to compile our answers so you can do your research. If you have any questions that are not answered here, or if you would simply prefer to talk to a Tranzporter representative before making your purchase, feel free to call us at 800-668-9983.

Tranzporter Products:

Q: Where are Tranzporter products manufactured?

All Tranzporter products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA and feature superior craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Q: What are Tranzporter products made of?

Most Tranzporter products are made from 1000 denier Cordura® nylon and some, such as the Presentation Sleeves, are made from Veltex® – both extremely durable fabrics that will not rip or tear.

Q: Are Tranzporter products available in multiple colors?

For its enduring style and professional appearance, all Tranzporter products are made in basic black.

Q: What is the best way to clean Tranzporter products?

Cleanup is simple. Use a damp cloth or the rubber grip on the detachable strap to brush away dirt. Some of our products are machine washable – please refer to individual product specifications for applicable cleaning information.

Q: Will Tranzporter products hold up to inclement weather conditions?

Rain and snow will bead up and run off the fabric. A waterproofing sealant is applied to the back of the material, and products with a zipper include a sewn-on rain flap over the zipper for an added barrier against elements.

Q: Can the Tranzporter products be used as checked or carry-on baggage when I travel by air?

Each airline has different baggage guidelines and restrictions. We recommend contacting your airline directly for specific information.

Q: Is monogramming available?

Yes. Each monogram is individually stitched in white thread on the product pocket. Color variations are available. The size of the monogram is determined by the size of the pocket. One standard line of monogramming consists of 10 characters (including spaces). Custom logos can also be stitched onto all Tranzporter products.  Additional charges will apply.

Portfolio Cases:

Q: How is the Portfolio Case shipped?

The portfolio case is soft-sided, and is folded and packed in a box for shipment via UPS.

Q: What size boards can I carry in the Portfolio Case?

Each size case is made to carry boards of that size or smaller. For example, the 36×48″ Portfolio Case can carry boards that are 36×48″ or smaller.

Q: How much material can the Portfolio Case carry?

With a gusset of approximately 5” to 6”, the Portfolio Case can hold about 20 pieces of 1/4″ foam core, several stretched canvases, two to three framed paintings or two to three presentation sleeves with frame samples. The gusset board inserted in the base provides a supportive, sturdy bottom.

Q: How do I carry the Portfolio Case?

The case has a detachable shoulder strap that stows in a sewn-in side pocket. The larger cases have two side handles to accommodate arm-length and a top handle to help distribute the weight of the case.  Our optional, patent-pending wheel assembly can be attached to the larger cases to make transporting heavy items easier (sold separately).  

Q: How do you secure items in the Portfolio Case?

The case features interior hook-and-loop straps to gently secure materials and separate items. The Tranzporter Presentation Sleeve (sold separately) can also be inserted between materials for an additional layer of protection.

Q: What size Portfolio Case will accommodate A0 boards?

A0 paper is comparable to US size 33 x 47 inches, therefore the 36” x 48″ case is suitable. A1 paper is comparable to US size 24 x 33 inches, therefore the 24” x 36″ case is the correct size. A2 paper is comparable to US size 17 x 24 inches, therefore the 18” x 24″ portfolio case is appropriate.

Poster Tubes:

Q: What is the Poster Tube insert made of?

The manufacturer-supplied insert is made from 1/4″ cardboard. Other products may be substituted using the same diameter and length.

Q: Is the insert necessary?

The nylon casing may be used without the insert, however, for maximum performance, the insert is recommended.

Q: How can I carry the Poster Tube?

The tube has a detachable shoulder strap that fits into a side pocket for easy airline travel. There are two side handles as well as a top handle for ease of carrying.

Q: What size tube should be used to carry A0 paper?

A0 paper is comparable in size to US 33×47 inches. The paper must be rolled to fit into the Tranzporter tubes. Depending on which direction the paper is rolled, it would fit into the 6×42″, 8×42″, or 8×48″ tube. A1 paper can be rolled to fit into the 6×32″, 6×42″, or 8×42″ tube.


Q: What are the wheel systems made of?

Tranzporter Wheel Systems are made of black powder-coated metal with two rubber wheels.

Q: Will the Wheel System fit in the outside pockets of your products?

Yes. The pockets on our larger products can accommodate the Wheel Systems.

Q: Should the wheels be removed when checking a Tranzporter Poster Tube or Portfolio Case as baggage when traveling by air?

Yes, the wheels must be removed before checking one of our products as baggage.

Q: How much weight can the wheels hold?

Our wheels will easily sustain approximately 45 lbs. to 60 lbs. of materials.

Presentation Sleeves:

Q: What is the Presentation Sleeve used for?

Frame samples can be adhered to the sleeve with hook and loop fasteners, making it easy to present samples, and to show frame samples around artwork. The sleeve may also be used as a separator to protect pieces being carried and/or stowed in the Tranzporter Portfolio Case.

Q: How many presentation sleeves can fit into a Portfolio Case?

Two or three sleeves with frame samples can fit into a case. If the sleeves are used as separators, several sleeves will fit.

Q: How do I make the sleeve rigid?

Foamcore and other similar materials can slip easily into the presentation sleeve to provide a sturdy backdrop.

Q: As a framing representative, I may need to carry many sleeves with samples within a Portfolio Case. Will it be too heavy?

We recommend adding our Tranzporter Wheel System to the Portfolio Case to make transportation easier – the wheels roll smoothly on most any surface.

EZ Rollup Case:

Q: How do I use the EZ Rollup Case?

Simply roll the item, place it at the edge of the EZ Rollup Case, and roll and secure the case using the sewn-in hook and loop straps. Fold the end flaps over the open ends, secure with the sewn-in hook and loop fasteners and you’re ready to go!

Q: How does the EZ Rollup Case protect my materials?

The EZ Rollup Case is made with a removable mylar insert which fits in an interior pocket. The mylar is flexible and rolls with the case for an added layer of protection.

EZ Wrap Blueprint Carrier:

Q: What is the EZ Wrap Blueprint Carrier used for?

The EZ Wrap can be used to carry any rolled material such as blueprints, plans, posters, rolled art canvases, and rolled paper pieces.

Q: How is the EZWrap Blueprint Carrier used?

Open the EZWrap and lay it flat. Roll your material and place it at the end of the EZWrap. Secure with the Velcro strap and then roll up the EZWrap. Secure the Velcro closure.

Q: What size materials can be carried with the EZWrap Blueprint Carrier?

The EZWrap will wrap around material that ranges in diameter from 3” to 8”. There are no restrictions on length.

Q: How do I carry the EZWrap Blueprint Carrier?

The EZWrap has a built-in handle and an easy to attach shoulder strap.

Q: What else do I need to know about the EZWrap Blueprint Carrier?

The EZWrap has a zippered pocket that can be used to store the shoulder strap. The EZWrap can be monogrammed with your name or your company logo.