Ditch the Disposable

Let’s love things that last. So many things that we buy nowadays have a built-in obsolescence date: refrigerator, washer/dryer, hot water heater. Think about how many times you will need to replace your appliances. What if we could buy something that is built to last a lifetime? The Tranzporter portfolio case and poster tube for example. As a nation we have lost sight of what has value, preferring to purchase something that is cheap and foreign-made. No one saves anymore for the big purchase. But by spending more now, you are actually saving in the long run. Sign up now for meticulous craftsmanship, American made, quality materials. Think tough fabric and sturdy stitching, reinforced seams and exterior piping. All the earmarkings of a product made to last. 

Once in a Life Time Purchase

Yes, we agree that Tranzporter portfolio cases and tubes are more expensive than your average run-of-the-mill craft store art carrier. But with a little care it will be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. Our products are made of 1000 denier Cordura nylon. This material is virtually indestructible. It is weather resistant, puncture and tear-proof. Our zippers and zipper coil are YKK – the world’s foremost zipper and fastening manufacturer. The handles are incorporated into the products so they will not tear off. All of our products are made in the USA, specifically in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We guarantee each product for manufacturer’s defect.

Now, what’s stopping you from buying a Tranzporter portfolio case or tube?

Poster Tube as Luggage

Whether you are traveling by plane, boat, or car and going camping, skiing, or sailing, the most important piece of luggage you take with you might be a poster tube – and not for posters, either. The last thing you want to worry about when you’re ready to relax and unwind, is how to pack all of your stuff. Believe it or not, the answer could be in a poster carrier.

Our large poster tubes measure 10×44” and 12×50” and are made with lots of room to carry your important materials. But by removing the cardboard insert, you’ve got yourself a piece of soft-sided luggage that conforms to any shape and fits readily in tight spaces, whether stowed in the hold of a plane, the trunk of a car, or a storage locker on a boat. The same Cordura nylon and American craftsmanship that safely gets your most important blueprints, plans, posters, and marketing materials from office to job site  can tote your bathing suit, sleeping bag, or ski parka to wherever you’re travel plans take you.

A Tranzporter poster tube is a significant investment, but with a little ingenuity, it can double as luggage. Think about it – poster tube as luggage – and make the most of your Tranzporter poster carrier!

American Quality and Craftsmanship

It’s getting harder and harder to find quality goods made in the United States. The majority of the items we purchase every day are made far away from the shores of North America. That’s not the case with Tranzporter; all of the products we sell are manufactured in the United States.

Professional appearance: The adage is true that first appearances matter. Whether meeting a client, making a presentation, or just traveling, how you present yourself to the rest of the world is almost as important as the message you want to impart. With a Tranzporter poster tube and portfolio case, you look as important as what you’re carrying. 

Material: We realized that the material used was of paramount importance and chose 1000 denier Cordura nylon for our line of portfolio cases, poster tubes, blueprint carriers, and flat art carriers. This fabric is virtually indestructible. After testing lesser denier in the field and finding that the fabric would not hold up under heavy usage, we decided to use the best Cordura available in order to protect and safeguard delicate materials and contents.

The extras: Heavy duty zippers, reinforced corners, exterior file pocket – the Tranzporter presentation case is trim and sleek in appearance. Add the optional wheel system and move heavy materials over rough floors and surfaces with ease.

Premier Poster Tubes Cost More Because They Are Made to Last

When you’re searching for a premier portfolio case or high-quality poster tube, you’ll probably be willing to pay a little more for it because you know you’re getting your money’s worth. Tranzporter art portfolio cases and poster tubes may cost more than our competitors but they are made of the highest quality materials available, they are made in the US, and they are made to last.

Just like that cheap umbrella that turns inside out during a heavy downpour, an inferior case or tube may fall apart at the worst time. Many of our competitors trim corners with lesser quality materials and zippers that don’t have the staying power that Tranzporter products do. What sets us apart from other manufacturers is our assurance that your presentation case and art poster tube is made under the highest standards to protect your important documents, blueprints, graphics, and artwork. Our products will stand the test of time – it’s as simple as that.

If you are still having trouble deciding if a Tranzporter portfolio case or poster tube is right for you, give us a call and we’ll help you to make that decision.

The Solution to Carrying Large Design Boards and Marketing Materials

Some presenters can go to a meeting with a laptop and a flash drive, but if you have large design boards, flip charts, or banners then a Tranzporter poster tube, art presentation case, or blueprint carrier is the solution to all of your transporting needs.

Our portfolio cases and poster tubes come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate materials of all shapes and sizes. Our blueprint carrier is made to carry rolls of blueprints safely and securely from office to client to job site. All of our Tranzporter products are made in the USA of the highest quality materials. Made of durable 1000 denier Cordura nylon, they resist wear and tear and protect your documents, artwork, or presentation materials whether traveling in the back of a car or in the luggage hold of plane.

From artists and graphics designers to architects, art dealers and marketing professionals, Tranzporter presentation cases and art poster tubes are carried by professionals in all types of industries. Before you head out to your next presentation or client meeting, make sure you have a premier portfolio case, poster tube or blueprint carrier to carry your materials. Still undecided? Call or email and our customer service representative will help you find the right Tranzporter to meet your needs.  

What Size Is the Right Size?

When ordering a portfolio case or poster tube, it is important to find the right size to carry your boards, artwork, or marketing materials. Too big and everything slides and flops around. Too small and your work gets creased and the edges are bent. Luckily, Tranzporter has that problem solved! All of our portfolio cases are sized just a little larger so a 36×48” board will fit into a 36×48” portfolio case. The same is true of our 18×24” and 24×36” portfolios – they are made to hold 18×24” boards and 24×36” boards, respectively. The 32×42” portfolio case can accommodate artwork that is sized 32×42” and boards that are 32×40”. Even the 40×60” portfolio case can hold work that is 40×60”. And with the 5-6” gusset, all of the Tranzporter portfolio cases can hold 15-20 foamcore boards. The interior straps are there to hold everything in place. Pack your case to the max and add a set of Tranzporter wheels to lighten the load.

When purchasing a poster tube, you need to take into account the dimensions of your poster, banner, paper pieces, or rolled artwork. What is the shortest dimension and can the piece be rolled that way? With tubes ranging in size from 6×32” to 8×62”, we have you covered. Even our 10×44” poster tube and the 12×50” poster tube are made to accommodate rolled pieces when a little extra room is needed. Add a Tranzporter poster tube wheel and travel easily over uneven surfaces.

Courtroom Graphics Have You Hot and Bothered?

So you’ve got all of those neat graphics for your court case – colorful, interesting, easy to read, straight to the point – how do you get them into the courtroom without looking like a hot mess? By using a Tranzporter portfolio case, that’s how!  Sleek and professional in appearance, Tranzporter portfolio cases are made in just the right size to hold your graphics boards. And each case has a 5-6” gusset that allows almost 20 pieces of foamcore to be stacked inside. Too heavy to carry comfortably? Add a set of wheels and arrive at your trial looking professional and in control. Now you’re ready to win!

Europeans Love Our Cases and Tubes, Too

We often get emails from people who carry A0 paper and wonder what size case or tube would best fit their product. Here’s a handy chart to help you figure out which size is best.

Paper                  Case                    Tube    

A0                        36×48”                6×42” or larger

A1                        24×36”                6×32” or larger

A2                        18×24”                6×32” or larger