Presentation Sleeve: 30″ x 40″

The Tranzporter Presentation Sleeve is an open-ended slipcase designed to carry sample frame corners and to showcase different frame styles around artwork and prints. Foamcore or other materials should be used to add rigidity and support.
The Presentation Sleeve may also be used as an insert in the Tranzporter Portfolio Case to separate and protect materials such as framed art, photographs and samples in transit.

Available in four sizes, the Tranzporter Presentation Sleeve is made from extremely durable Veltex® nylon fabric for years of dependability.



• Constructed of black Veltex® nylon fabric for durability.
• Soft-sided construction, insert foam core or other material for rigidity.*
• Available in four (4) sizes:
• 18” x 24”
• 24” x 36”
• 30” x 40”
• 36” x 48”
• Sizes correspond with our Tranzporter Portfolio Cases.
• Monogramming and custom logo available

*NOTE: Tranzporter Presentation Sleeves are soft-sided and folded when shipped. Customers must purchase foam core or other material corresponding to the sleeve dimensions.

As with all our products, the Tranzporter Presentation Sleeve is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

For more information, please call us today: 800-668-9983.

Who's It For?
  • Framers & Framing Representatives – Framing Samples
  • Artists – Framed Artwork
  • Photographers – Photography Prints
Monogramming is available for this product. Each monogram is individually stitched onto the product with white thread. Color variations are also available. Each line of 10 characters will cost $15.00. Specialty logos require a digitizing set up charge averaging $35.00 per design. Please allow at least one extra week for delivery of a customized order. Call 1-800-668-9983 to speak with a salesperson for more information.