Mark Haddock, Watermark Design Studio, TX

We purchased several Tranzporter portfolio cases of different sizes and styles a little more than a year ago and have found uses for each even outside of those mentioned on your website. As we are a design firm that specializes in hotel interiors we find ourselves traveling to some very remote places and needed a means to carry the typical drawings, photos, artwork; but we also needed a way to carry the not so typical items such as large pieces of fabric, accessories, photography equipment, etc. without the use of huge pieces of traditional luggage. Again, our business does not allow us the ability to always hand carry items on flights so in many cases we have to check the Tranzporter portfolio cases as luggage. I am pleased to say they have held up great on their around the world trips and I would highly recommend anyone to use the product. To date, they are in still as good shape as the day we bought them.