The Solution to Carrying Large Design Boards and Marketing Materials

Some presenters can go to a meeting with a laptop and a flash drive, but if you have large design boards, flip charts, or banners then a Tranzporter poster tube, art presentation case, or blueprint carrier is the solution to all of your transporting needs.

Our portfolio cases and poster tubes come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate materials of all shapes and sizes. Our blueprint carrier is made to carry rolls of blueprints safely and securely from office to client to job site. All of our Tranzporter products are made in the USA of the highest quality materials. Made of durable 1000 denier Cordura nylon, they resist wear and tear and protect your documents, artwork, or presentation materials whether traveling in the back of a car or in the luggage hold of plane.

From artists and graphics designers to architects, art dealers and marketing professionals, Tranzporter presentation cases and art poster tubes are carried by professionals in all types of industries. Before you head out to your next presentation or client meeting, make sure you have a premier portfolio case, poster tube or blueprint carrier to carry your materials. Still undecided? Call or email and our customer service representative will help you find the right Tranzporter to meet your needs.