What Size Is the Right Size?

When ordering a portfolio case or poster tube, it is important to find the right size to carry your boards, artwork, or marketing materials. Too big and everything slides and flops around. Too small and your work gets creased and the edges are bent. Luckily, Tranzporter has that problem solved! All of our portfolio cases are sized just a little larger so a 36×48” board will fit into a 36×48” portfolio case. The same is true of our 18×24” and 24×36” portfolios – they are made to hold 18×24” boards and 24×36” boards, respectively. The 32×42” portfolio case can accommodate artwork that is sized 32×42” and boards that are 32×40”. Even the 40×60” portfolio case can hold work that is 40×60”. And with the 5-6” gusset, all of the Tranzporter portfolio cases can hold 15-20 foamcore boards. The interior straps are there to hold everything in place. Pack your case to the max and add a set of Tranzporter wheels to lighten the load.

When purchasing a poster tube, you need to take into account the dimensions of your poster, banner, paper pieces, or rolled artwork. What is the shortest dimension and can the piece be rolled that way? With tubes ranging in size from 6×32” to 8×62”, we have you covered. Even our 10×44” poster tube and the 12×50” poster tube are made to accommodate rolled pieces when a little extra room is needed. Add a Tranzporter poster tube wheel and travel easily over uneven surfaces.